Bron Afon is looking for a new Board member. Tamsin Stirling blogs about the vacancy

Tamsin Stirling

Tamsin Stirling

Tamsin Stirling, chair, writes about what it’s like to be on the Bron Afon Board. To find out more click on the link below or call Duncan Forbes, chief executive, on 01633 620 118

Tamsin writes:

“We are looking for a new independent Board member to help us make decisions to improve the lives of people in Torfaen. This challenging  position is about making sure Bron Afon meets its commitments to tenants.  This is also an exciting time as the Board is planning the  next steps for  Bron Afon which include winning new work.

Click on this link to find  out all you need to know about the Board and how to apply.

 “I hope that new Board members will contribute to Board discussions, ask  lots of questions both inside and outside of meetings and tell us where we  can improve things. One of our organisational values is constructive  challenge; when any of us around the Board table challenges things, it is  important to try and be constructive, for example, where possible  suggesting solutions to problems as well as talking about problems.

 “Each Board member brings a different perspective, but what is the same for  all Board members is that we are accountable to all Bron Afon tenants and  are expected to act in the interests of the organisation.

 “Being a Bron Afon Board member involves digesting a lot of information and  sometimes making very difficult decisions. It is always interesting and  being involved in an organisation that can make a difference to so many  people’s lives is something that I feel is definitely worth investing time  and energy in.

 “The Board has seen a lot of changes over the four years that Bron Afon has  been operating. One of the things we are constantly looking at is how the  support that Board members get to carry out their role can be improved.

“Coming up are Board meetings each month except August and December as well as the annual general meeting in September. Each quarter we look at the accounts and how the organisation is performing. Other agenda items include discussion around priorities as set out in our corporate plan, for example, improving services, our investment programme, how we work with communities and bidding for external contracts in order to sustain jobs within the organisation.”

If you think you can help us meet these challenges please  get in touch.  Applications must be in by 16 July.

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