Bron Afon staff member is using his iPad to make his job easier

Joshua Gardner is a liasion officer with Bron Afon. Read how he paid £2.99 for an app that means he can write on PDF files. It means he no longer carries around bits of paper or has to get them scanned in back in the office.

“I recently bought an iPad and quickly realised that as a fantastic a piece of technology this thing was, I was only mainly going to use it to access twitter and check my facebook.

“As this is only using a very small amount of its potential I decided to look into using it for work. The app market is full of time saving and inventive programmes that save time and speed up processes.

“I have been working on garden surveys. These have been focused mainly on the state of the fences, how level the garden is and whether or not there are any dangers that need to be sorted out.

“I was handwriting these on paper. The survey is spread over four sheets of A4 that have to be then scanned separately into the computer and the data input into a spreadsheet. It was taking me on average about half an hour to survey a garden and take the pictures.

“I found an app called GoodReader which cost £2.99. It means that I can open a PDF of the survey form on the iPad and write on the screen before saving it as a new file. There is no pen, clipboard or paper.

“Since I have started to use my pad, I have managed to save about ten minutes per garden as everything is done straight onto the iPad. There is no fumbling with loads of sheets of paper or dropping things as I only now carry my iPad and my camera which is strapped to my wrist.

“I then just email the survey in to the office when I get home through my Wi-Fi. It also saves my colleague Sarah Jeffries time as she doesn’t have to scan in all my surveys sheets of paper. She simply gets an email from me with a single PDF files of each house I have visited.

“To take this further I am going to look for something that will be able to pick out the important information so that Sarah is able to just copy and paste it into her spreadsheet, saving more time. This process is also environmentally friendly as I don’t use any paper.”

Josh estimates it costs around £8.50 to print out 50 surveys so it’s also saving money.

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