Do you get frustrated by gobbledygook? Are you a fan of Facebook? Come and join Bron Afon’s communications forum

The latest Community NewsA group of friendly people meet every month to improve how Bron Afon communicates. You don’t need any special skills or qualifications to join. If you get frustrated by gobbledygook or enjoy using Facebook why don’t you come along and share your views?

The word ‘communications’ means a lot of things but here is the sort of work they have helped improve.

The forum developed our magazine Community News from an A3 newsheet into a professional A4 magazine that last year won a national award in Wales.

Click here to open a pdf file of the latest edition of Community News.

The members are helping to plan our new tenants’ handbook and website. They often talk about social media and ways Bron Afon can share information and talk to people.

If you want to ‘like’ us on Facebook click here or to ‘follow’ us on Twitter click here.

A few volunteers also help by checking letters and other documents for plain English. They either meet up or we email them something we would like checked. 

Here are the five questions they use to decide whether or not something can be given the ‘Bron Afon Member Approved’ logo for plain English.

Plain English checklist

Plain English checklist

The forum get together on the third Friday of every month for around two hours. The plain English group either come in once a month or we send an email if anything urgent comes in.

If you are interested in these kind of topics and would like to come along to the forum or be on our email list for checking things for plain English please let me know.

Call me, Ben Black, on 01633 620 374 or email (at) to find out more.

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