Success stories from the Support Service

Annalisa Beavan, senior support officer, gives some of the great success stories from the team.

“The Support Officers in the Support Service continue to do some fantastic work with residents to make many positive,  life-changing differences. As a newcomer to the service, I am so impressed with the good news stories that I hear. The regular compliments are testament to the commitment and skills of the team.

Here are just a few examples of the amazing achievements that the team have had in recent weeks:-

  • The team have supported residents who did not know that if they have certain medical conditions they can have their water bill reduced by Welsh Water. Some residents are also saving money by having a water meter installed. They did not know this until they had advice from their Support Officer. 
  • One resident is a miner’s widow and our support officer found out she was not receiving a widow’s pension. Through our support she will now be receiving this pension, which will also be backdated. 
  • One disabled resident is £100 a week better off. She was unaware of her benefit entitlement and was supported to apply. She also didn’t know she was eligible for a Blue Badge so her family now find it easier to take her out and about which has reduced her feelings of isolation.  
  • A Support Officer worked with a lady whose confidence was shattered after a fall which left her with a broken arm. The lady was feeling vulnerable and unable to drive her car and became so anxious that she would not go to the local shops on her own. This meant she was unable to pay bills and buy essential groceries. The Support Officer worked regularly with her, showing patience and understanding,  taking ‘small steps’ to encourage her on each support visit to go outside the home. At first, the accompanied stroll to the shops was very difficult for the lady who would shake uncontrollably all the time she was out.  Following months of support and encouragement, this lady is now able and happy to go the local shops alone, is driving again and has regained her confidence and sense of independence.

“Our service is now FREE and available to ALL  over 50s in Torfaen. This means tenants, leaseholder, homeowners and people who rent privately.

“So if you think you know someone who may benefit, please call us on 01633 620 480 for more information.”

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2 Responses to Success stories from the Support Service

  1. Love this service but is there a named direct contact to apply for the service?

    • bronafon says:

      Hi Elizabeth. Thanks for that. That number in the blog will be answered up by a member of the team who can give you all the info you or anyone else needs. There is not a single named person. Annalisa wrote the blog and you would ask for her. Hope this helps. Have a good weekend.

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